GHD 2Big4Email

Welcome to GHD's 2Big4Email file transfer system.

The 2Big4Email tool allows GHD employees, clients, and suppliers to easily upload and share files with each other for business purposes. A email address must be in either the sender or recipient field.

File Upload

Note: Fields marked with a * are required.
Open the calendar popup.

To upload your file(s):

1. Enter your Email Address and Subject.
2. Enter your Message.
3. Enter a password (Optional).
   * If supplied, the password will be
     required to download the file(s).
4. Enter a recipient email and click Add.
   * Repeat step 4 for all recipients.
5. Click the Next button.

6. Select the file to upload.
7. Click Add for additional files.
8. Click Upload to begin your file upload.

Users of this service are fully responsible for the content of the files and any consequences resulting therein. Unauthorized use is prohibited by law. For more information, please consult GHD's Acceptable Use Policy for this website.